Why Spring Valley?

Are You Tired of Feeling Stuck?

Spring Valley is in a class by itself. There are no other EMDR intensive trauma wellness centers that free you from feeling “stuck” in the ways you’ve been feeling for months, maybe even years in four days or less by EMDR experts trained in specifically in first responder trauma care in a serene restorative natural setting conducive to healing.

That’s right! We want lifetime changes not lifetime clients. Why spend months and even years in counseling? Research shows that an average of 15 to 20 sessions are required for only 50 percent of the patients living with PTSD to achieve symptom reduction, and treatment can last eighteen months or even more.* Sorry. That’s not good enough for us when we have a proven method to reduce the time needed to positively change your life! We incorporate Eye Movement Desensitization (EMDR) into intensive sessions, which are much more effective in decreasing the longevity of treatment than 60 minute sessions, which can last months, even years. Now we at Spring Valley go one step further and incorporate another modality called Internal Family Systems (IFS) which identifies blocking points that prohibit clients from accessing their traumas and processing them. These two modalities when combined with intensive sessions crush the unhealthy patterns that are causing anxiety symptoms so you can lead the fulfilling life you deserve. Ask yourself, what is my time and happiness worth?

Our therapists are top-caliber trauma experts who are specifically equipped with specialized EMDR training for first responders and military warriors. There are three levels of EMDR therapists: basic EMDR therapist, certified EMDR therapist, and EMDR consultant. Only EMDRIA approved EMDR consultants and certified therapists (as a minimum requirement) provide specialized treatment for posttraumatic stress. Our therapists are also members of Missouri’s First Responders Provider’s Network, which is a highly vetted group of therapists trained specifically to work with Missouri’s law enforcement officers and Emergency Medical Service Workers. Furthermore, Spring Valley’s therapists attend monthly trauma trainings to enhance their ongoing professional growth so they can be on top of cutting edge treatments and be your best advocate to reduce and eliminate your posttraumatic symptoms. Additionally, our therapists hold certifications in numerous other modalities to give you the best healing experience available.

What is the cost of untreated trauma? Can you put a monetary value on your time, health, personal happiness, job security, or family stability? Of course not. But the reality is we all have financial responsibilities. When you add costs of your time, medication, counseling, days off work, lack of fulfillment, and rocky relationships, the price of untreated trauma pales in comparison to the payoff of you and your loved one’s happiness. Contact us for a consultation and we will evaluate what treatment plan is right for you. See the cost tab under EMDR Intensives for more pricing information

How Long Does It Take for standard Counseling to Work?

Counseling duration varies depending on the individuals’ trauma complexity. Acute trauma, such as experiencing a natural disaster, a first responder’s tough calls, or a one time assault usually requires fewer sessions than do chronic conditions, such as a history of unpredictable situations like emotional, physical or sexual abuse. So how long does successful standard counseling treatment require? According to the Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Adults (2017) that used a self-reported symptom assessment, an average of 15 to 20 sessions are necessary for positive outcomes, but these results are reported in ONLY 50% of the population measured. Data also concluded that treatment that is agreed upon between the client and therapist often extend over longer periods 20 to 30 sessions, lasting over six months to achieve “more complete symptom remission and maintenance of treatment success.” Furthermore, clinical research evidence suggests that certain co-occurring challenges may require extensively longer treatment (12-18 months) for effective results.

Courtois, C., Sonis, J., Brown, L., Fairbank, J., Friedman, M., Gone, J., Jones, R., La Greca, A., Mellman, thomas, Roberts, J., & Schultz, P. (2017). (rep.). Clinical Practice Guideline for the Treatment of PTSD. American Psychological Association.
Courtois, et.al. 2017

In calculating the costs of PTSD and major depression in military deployed participants, the RAND corporation (Tanielian & Jaycox, 2008) used a microsimulation model to project costs incurring within the first two years after service members returned home. Their findings indicated that the two-year costs associated with PTSD are approximately $5,904 to $10,298 per person, depending on whether the lives lost to suicide were included. They also found that the two-year costs associated with major depression are approximately $15,461 to $25,757 per person, and costs associated with co-morbid PTSD and major depression are approximately $12,427 to $16,884 per person. However, the study reported that their cost figures omitted current as well as potential later costs rising from substance abuse, domestic violence, homelessness, family strain, and several other factors (Tanielian & Jaycox, 2008).
As Spring Valley presently doesn’t not take insurance (although you can self-submit and many insurance companies may partially or totally cover), we are in the process of adding insurance as an option. Depending on the complexity of your trauma, a half day to four day intensive plan will be customized for you. Call for a consultation and we will create a plan to fit your needs.

Other PTSD treatments may require homework, which can trigger symptoms and even cause clients to be unsafe. At Spring Valley, safety is always first. Highly-trained trauma experts provide support in a safe, beautiful natural setting conducive to whole body and mind healing. With EMDR, there is no homework AND you don’t even have to describe your trauma. This is why military members with top secret clearance find this option most favorable.
Life happens. People transition. Illness hits. Children need braces. Holidays…Vacations…We get it. When attending an intensive retreat, life responsibilities will not interrupt or halt the immense healing taking place in this short span of time.

Spring Valley is nestled in a natural wooded landscape that lends to healing the mind, body, and spirit. Here you will recenter while walking through winding wooded paths, relaxing near the peaceful flowing waters or sitting by the neighboring lake.

Some things you may not feel comfortable sharing or you may be unable to due to your professional agreements. The beauty of EMDR is that the brain will process your trauma even if you don’t want to share the details with your counselor. We see military members with top secret security clearances that don’t need to disclose anything confidential that would jeopardize their clearance. They are able to process disturbing events without ever talking about it. Pretty amazing, Right? That is what makes EMDR and our intensives unique from other counseling modalities.

After an EMDR intensive session, it’s important to decompress. At Spring Valley we offer numerous holistic treatments you can choose from in your customized plan if you desire. Options such as massage, nutrition, animal assisted therapy, outdoor therapy, or integrative art are available to complement and enhance the healing process.

You are not alone. Through our group intensives, you will connect with others who experience relatable challenges. The dynamics of group interaction are powerful and empowering. Groups foster healing, allow you to give and receive support, help you discover your voice and relate to others (and yourself) in healthier ways in a setting of safety and security.

Prices: Three day Group Intensive includes: Six ninety-minute intensive EMDR sessions, six group therapy sessions, three ancillary services, one follow up session and lunch and dinner – $2,575/per person. Does not include lodging although we have paired with a local air bnb located one mile away that offers discounted prices, and there are several hotels in the area.

I was on the verge of losing my family, my career, and was contemplating suicide. The EMDR intensive gave me hope, confidence, healing, and a new lease on life.~Firefighter

“I don’t get it. I tried years to get rid of my anxiety. After only 4 sessions, I’m a new person. When I’m with my family, I’m actually present and enjoy them!” ~Client who formerly suffered from PTSD

My work performance was slipping along with my personal life. I made poor choices and didn’t care who I truly hurt…The struggle to keep myself from going off the deep end was too much to bear…. I got angry over the smallest things … the fear of being judged kept me from seeking help….my chief asked me to get help before I did something I’d regret…I met with Penny. I can truly say she saved my career and my relationship. Penny took on the task of speaking with a stubborn cop/veteran about the trauma he experienced. In only four sessions, I overcame the underlying issues. If Penny was able to help me I know she can help anyone.
“I’ve had depression since middle school. I’ve had all kinds of medication. Nothing worked. I never thought I could get my life back or even knew what happiness felt like. EMDR and ketamine has given me hope. My symptoms are so much better. I’m now leading groups when I couldn’t even be around people before”


So doing my job as law enforcement officer I have come across a lot of tragic events in my career. I did as most officer’s have done and pushed it off instead of speaking with someone about the trauma I was experiencing. I knew from my time in the military that asking for help was not a sign of weakness but a sign of true strength. But the stigma of asking for help and looking weak was too great for me to overcome. Fast forward to February of this year and truly the six months prior. My performance at work started to slip along with my personal life at home. I made poor choices and did not care who I truly hurt. I discovered this to be a combination of things I have experienced in my life, along with my career. The box I was putting it all in started to overflow. The struggle to keep myself from going off the deep end was becoming too much to bear. I started to lash out at people who loved me, and I couldn’t help but get angry over the smallest things at work. I knew what had to be done but the fear of being judged was keeping me from seeking help. Until February when my chief who is someone, I consider a friend looked at me in a private conversation and asked me to get help before I do something I would regret. So, with the help of a trusted mental health professional I went and sought help from someone. The person I ended up meeting was Penny Monetti. I can truly say she saved my career and my relationship. Penny was more than willing to take on the task of speaking with a stubborn cop/veteran about the trauma he experienced in his life. In only four session Penny was able to help me overcome the underlying issues that were bothering me and helped come up with a solution to the issues I was facing. I will help anyone who has faced trauma and needs someone to speak contact Penny. If she was able to help me I know she can help anyone.

Police Officer & Military Veteran