Ketamine-Assisted Psycho-Therapy

Ketamine is a safe proven medication that’s been around since the 60’s to decrease pain during medical procedures. More recently, Ketamine has been used as an “off-label” medication, effective for treatment resistant depression, as well as other medical conditions such as posttraumatic stress and obsessive compulsive disorder. Research shows that Ketamine in combination with integrative (whole self) therapy increases the success of the longevity/eradication of these symptoms. At Spring Valley, we’re combining the most effective trauma modalities paired with ketamine and administered by qualified medical practitioners. Highly trained trauma experts provide integrative therapy in a safe, natural woodland setting to foster immediate long-lasting positive results.
Individual Intensives-During these intensives an

Individual Intensives – We are proud to work in conjunction with Dr Raymond Brovant, an expert ketamine physician who adheres to our extremely high standards of care. There are numerous ketamine clinics, but it is rare to find a caring ketamine physician who incorporates true presence with his patients (he doesn’t allow a clock in his office), top-grade holistic health care, and true professionalism, and his staff mirror these attributes as well. When you schedule a consultation we will arrange a medical evaluation with Dr. Brovant and then schedule six (recommended) ketamine sessions to coincide with integrative EMDR and IFS (Internal Family Systems) intensive therapy. These highly specialized modalities are provided by our trained certified ketamine-assisted psychotherapists and EMDR practitioners for your optimum outcomes in treating PTSD, anxiety, depression, OCD and more.

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